The Fortitude of the Hawaiian People

Illegal Occupation


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Ethnocide and Genocide


This is a subject of many dimensions, shades and colors...Too many for one website.  George Helm, one of Hawaii's great Protectors who even gave his life to protect Kaho'olawe once said, "Do your homework".  In the meantime, these numbers will help those who don't know much about Hawaiian history, glean a bare minimum of understanding:  In 1778 there were at least and likely well over 500,000 pure Hawaiians.  In 1893 there were only 40,000.  In 1993 there were only 8,711 with so many living as refugees though not called that in the United States.  It is speculated that by 2044 there will be no pure Hawaiians left in existence.  The number of incarcerated Hawaiians is disproportionate and the number living in poverty, (In what has become one of the most expensive places to live), is utterly outrageous.  Poor diet, sex slave trades, corrupt politics, politicians and policies, racism, sexism, etc. continue to compromise their well being.  For more information on the Hawaiian Genocide visit:



The inherent right of the Kanaka Maoli, (Hawaiian People), to self governance through the total restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, is for many undebatable.  Since the illegal overthrow 125 years ago, many Hawaiians and their supporters have been working tirelessly to restore the government, which at the time of the invasion, was a thriving, sophisticated, well-educated and functional government recognized internationally as a Neutral Kingdom numerous with treaties, a palace, a flag, a Queen and profoundly loyal ;Aloha Aina', Hawaiian subjects.  They are still to this day committed to righting the wrongs committed by the United States Government and Military against the people and the environment of Hawai'i.  Pohakuloa needs to be returned to them immediately after it is cleaned up.  That would be the right thing to do and it would also be the legal thing to do.

the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance


Olelo (Language)

Even while the Spiritual Culture and language is disappearing with the passing on of its older members and the migration of many of the younger ones, there are simultaneously more and more Hawaiians speaking their 'Mother Tongue' and discovering the incredible cultural wealth and wisdom therein.  After the language was outlawed for so long, where people were actually beaten and punished in many ways for speaking it, we are witnessing the next wave of a true Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance where the language is once again flowing through the culture like a life giving river once damned.  At the time of the illegal overthrow or invasion by the United States in 1893, Hawaiian literacy was at 90% while in the US it was only at 74%. They were among some of the most educated people in the world and are now reclaiming their education in their own language after so many decades of ethnocide and servitude to the foreigners and their language.



"Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people".  King David Kalakaua.  Hula is a Polynesian form of dance accompanied by chant (oli) or mele, song. The hula enacts the drama of the stories within the songs and chants in a profoundly precise and exquisite way.  While the Hula is associated by those who know nothing of the culture is associated with a Mai Tai on the beach or a dashboard figurine, the Hula is the keeper of knowledge and the expression of the beauty that is the Hawaiian Spiritual Culture.  To make Hula  illegal as was done in the 1800's was a deliberate form of cultural genocide largely subverted for the entertainment of military men and tourists.  The Hawaiian Renaissance continues to overcome that cultural crime, to once again carry and communicate the brilliance of Hawaiian Spiritual Culture to the world.


Aloha Aina

"Immeasurable is our Aloha for our Aina.  Don't try to measure it"  -Puanani Rogers