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residents and visitors, scientists and educators, parents and Protectors, lawyers and environmentalists all coming together to protect the island of Hawai'i, (Moku o Keawe). Pohakuloa is at the very heart of this island Paradise directly over a main aquifer at the base of one of the tallest and most sacred mountains in the world.  The area is being relentlessly and inexcusably polluted with DU, UXO and other military toxins since the 1940's with little accountability, possibly releasing DU Oxide, (the deadliest form of radiation if inhaled), into the air during every single live fire training exercise.  Not only is the Military refusing to clean up any of its previous messes, but it wants to expand, much to the detriment of the land, air, water, Hawaiian Spiritual Culture, all creatures and all people of this and every island in the chain as they are all interrelated.  We need your help.  

We can do this...Because we have to

It's time to get Involved!


They said it was impossible to stop Military activity on Kaho'olawe for National Security reasons.  That was clearly untrue and after a decade of tireless work by committed Hawaiian people and their supporters, the bombing finally stopped.  It is equally true regarding Pohakuloa.  Kaho'olawe, known as "the Target Isle", is now uninhabitable, with a broken water table and unexploded ordinance all throughout the land and sea from over 50 years of bombing.  Help us to prevent the nickname of "The Big Island" changing to "The Bombed Island".  Inform yourself and others about what is going on.  Thank you for becoming a Peaceful Protector if you aren't already.   It's time.

Mahalo! (Thank You)


Mahatma Gandhi once said "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history".  This outdated story of reckless and unnecessary destruction is changing every time we voice the obvious alternative.   Mahalo for finding the courage to join those who have come to realize that we've run out of time. Mahalo to everyone from all over the world who has contributed in large and small ways to doing what is simply the right thing to do.  What is done to the land is in fact done to the people and Hawai'i is the 'Endangered Species Capitol of the world'...Enough is clearly enough. Mahalo for visiting and sharing this site.  Mahalo for helping Pohakuloa.   

Aloha Aina! Malama Pono!


"Continued Bombing, Polluting and Desecrating the Hawaiian Islands is Illegal, inhumane, astronomically expensive, reckless, unnecessary and amoral"



Education is everything


Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)


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